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Revealing the Secrets of Hot Stone Massage  The Ultimate Relaxation

In this article, Refresh Thai Spa would like to introduce you to another service that will make you feel relaxed, relieve fatigue, and recover from aches and pains as well as Thai massage. Especially those with office syndrome should not miss it at all! That is the Hot Stone Massage service. Which are the details that should be known as follows.


Get to know the science of Hot Stone Massage

If Thai massage is to help the body relieve muscle pain by pressing the weight on the muscles in different parts of the body by using the hands, fingers, palms, and knees. Hot Stone Massage is another level of deeper massage science. Because using a hot stone to press into different points will be more consistent weight than a massage with the palm. In addition, the heat from the stone will help dissipate heat into the muscles and deep into the skin layer. Therefore, it can effectively reduce the tension, spasms, and pain of various muscles.

As well as Hot Stone Massage also helps to stimulate the circulatory system to work better. The massage recipient will feel comfortable after the massage immediately.

Most of the stones used for Hot Stone Massage are basalt. This is a rock formed by volcanic lava that cools rapidly on Earth's crust. that are rich in various useful minerals. It has outstanding features in the stone texture that is fine, porous inside, and able to retain heat as well. The stones used in Hot Stone Massage are polished to smooth and flat. Cut to achieve a smooth touch surface and the size is suitable for massage and distributing heat to the muscles in different spots of the body.

The benefits of Hot Stone Massage therapy

- Hot Stone Massage can reduce muscle aches in various parts of the body, such as pain caused by office syndrome, using muscles to exercise continuously for a long time, pre-menstrual pain, etc.

- Hot Stone Massage will relieve stress from work, reduce anxiety, and relax the body and mind.

- It will help stimulate the work of the circulatory system and lymph nodes better. Make you sleep more efficiently. And if combining Hot Stone Massage with oil massage. It can help to make your skin more radiant.

- If you get Hot Stone Massage service regularly. It will help stimulate the excretory system to be better.


Who should get a Hot Stone Massage service?

Who should get a Hot Stone Massage service?

Hot Stone Massage is suitable for those who have pain in the muscles in different parts of the body, those with stress. and have insomnia especially those with office syndrome.

Hot Stone Massage can be used to relieve these symptoms initially. Or used in conjunction with medical treatment and Thai massage will bring even more benefits.


For the process of Hot Stone Massage at Refresh Thai Spa, we will heat the stone by soaking in hot water or baking it in a dryer at a temperature of about 45-50 degrees Celsius. Our massage therapists are experts, trained, and certified to serve you in every step closely. will change the stone regularly to control the proper temperature. This prevents the stone from being too cold or too hot to cause skin irritation. This will make Hot Stone Massage the most effective result.

Let's start the relaxation and relieve your body from office syndrome with a Hot Stone Massage service from Refresh Thai Spa today. For more information and to make an appointment, please call 469-591-8315 or click here to reserve your appointment online.

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