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Thai Herbal Ball Compress Massage
Relaxation not to be missed

Thai herbal ball compress massage is another science of traditional Thai massage. This style of massage uses a combination of various herbs and is pressed onto the body. Many of you probably have questions and doubts about whether acupressure with an herbal ball compress can help relieve pain or not. And what are the benefits of Thai herbal ball compress massage? Go in-depth and find answers with Refresh Thai Spa in this article now.

Get to know the Thai herbal ball compress massage.

Thai herbal ball compress massage is a massage that uses a cloth to wrap herbs into a ball and press it down on various parts of the body that are painful, such as shoulders, hips, arms, legs, etc. It is commonly done as a massage procedure along with Thai massage.

Initially, the herbal compress ball that used in the Thai herbal ball compress massage. The herb compress contains various kinds of Thai herbs such as lemongrass, turmeric, kaffir lime skin, plantain head, tamarind leaves, camphor, borneol, sea salt, and many others, all of them have medicinal properties that are beneficial to the body in various fields.


When the herbal compress balls are steamed at a temperature of about 45 degrees Celsius, the heat from the steam of the herbal compress balls will cause various substances from herbs to be absorbed into the skin well. Some herbs that have the effect of relieving aches, sprains, bruises, will also help reduce pain, swelling, reduce inflammation, as well as help the fascia that adheres to muscles to loosen up as well.


Some herbs that are essential oils will smell that gives a feeling of freshness. Especially for those who are already aching and tired from work or experience office syndrome. It will provide stress relief.


Generally, Thai herbal ball compress massage takes approximately 15-30 minutes depending on the Thai massage program or other courses chosen.


Benefits of the Thai herbal ball compress massage

- Relieve body aches especially uses side by side with Thai massage as well.
- Reduce pain and spasms, break down the fascia that attaches to the muscles to loosen. Especially the pain from office syndrome.
- Relieve sprains, swelling, bruises of the muscles to be better.
- Reduce inflammation of the joints, bone that is jammed.
- Stimulates the circulatory system, makes the skin look radiant.
- The aroma from the herbs of the herbal compress ball makes you feel relaxed, breathe freely, relieve nasal congestion, and help you sleep better and more efficiently.

For anyone interested in experiencing the Thai herbal ball compress massage and Thai massage with Refresh Thai Spa, which is provided by professional and trained masseuses. You can contact us to reserve an appointment online or call 469-591-8315.

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