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What is Thai massage and who can benefit from Thai massage?


Thai massage is an ancient form of therapeutic bodywork that has been practiced in Thailand
for centuries. It is a unique blend of acupressure, energy work, and assisted stretches that is
designed to improve flexibility, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. The massage
therapist uses a variety of techniques, including gentle rocking and stretching, to help the
recipient let go of tension and relax into the massage.

Thai massage is a holistic treatment that can benefit anyone looking to improve their physical
and mental health. Not only can Thai massage be especially beneficial for people who spend
long hours in front of a computer or who work in high-stress environments, athletes looking to
improve flexibility, or people just in need of stress-relief, can greatly benefit from Thai
massage's healing properties.

Our skilled therapists at Refresh Thai Spa are specially trained in traditional Thai massage
techniques. Our therapists are attentive to clients' needs to create a personalized and
enjoyable experience for every individual. Moreover, our massage is suitable for people of all
ages, including children, as the intensity of the massage can be customized. Whether you're
suffering from headaches, low back pain, or a stress-related condition such as anxiety or
insomnia, Thai massage can help. And for expecting mothers, Thai massage can provide relief
for common discomforts such as lower back pain and swelling.

What is the benefit of adding on hot stones to Thai massage?

At Refresh Thai Spa, we offer the added indulgence of hot stone therapy to our traditional Thai
massage. The heated stones are placed on specific points on the body, such as the back, and
are also used to massage the muscles. This warms and relaxes the muscles, allowing our
therapists to delve deeper into the muscle tissue, providing an even more therapeutic and
relaxing experience. The heat from the stones also increases circulation, promoting a deeper
sense of relaxation and well-being. For people experiencing insomnia, the relaxation from hot
stone therapy can also improve sleep quality.
Hot stone therapy is a luxurious way to add an extra layer of relaxation and rejuvenation to
your massage experience. The warmth of the stones will help to release tension, increase
circulation, and leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. We invite you to treat yourself to the
ultimate relaxation experience by incorporating hot stone therapy to your next Thai massage at
Refresh Thai Spa.

What is an herbal hot compress?

Herbal hot compress is a traditional Thai therapy that involves the use of steamed herbal
compresses pressed onto the body. These compresses contain a blend of medicinal herbs with
healing properties. The heat from the compress helps to relax the muscles and improve
circulation, while the herbs provide a soothing aroma that promotes a sense of relaxation and

Our herbal hot compresses at Refresh Thai Spa are made with a blend of traditional, high
quality Thai herbs that are known to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. They
can be especially helpful in alleviating muscle soreness and tension headaches, providing a
deeper relaxation and warm sensation.

Furthermore, the use of traditional herbs in the compresses provides a true touch of Thai
culture and tradition, making the massage experience even more memorable. The herbal hot
compress is a great add-on to any massage service; it can be applied on the back and body for
extra warmth and muscle relief.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to indulge in a truly authentic and rejuvenating experience.
Book your appointment at Refresh Thai Spa today!

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